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3D Prints for all.

Affordable, accessable & simple 3D Printing services. offers low cost, budget friendly 3D printing services for those who cannot afford a 3D printer, or just don't have the time to learn it. Most small prints start at just $25.

If you have a custom job for us this is the place to be, and if you are looking for one of our awesome artist prints, check out the links above and below for our shop and catalogs!

If you are looking for professional services for 3D print support work, or 3D print services for casting, proto-typing or creating master prints, check out or 3D Print Services section a little further down the page. Our showcase has moved to instagram as we update our profile as often as we can each month, and YouTube.

Our new ecommerce store is open for those who prefer a less 1-to-1 transaction or consultation. The product list is still being updated, but check back often as we are adding our catalog to the new store on a daily basis.

New Artists!

Now featuring the amazing works of GAZ minis!

New arrivals!

Be sure and check out our Digital Dark Catalog! is a 3D printing company in South Florida, servicing the Ft. Lauderdale area and Palm Beaches with quality and dependable 3D printing services, for casting, prototypes, miniatures, figures, modeling, table-top games, and so much more. specializes in printing for budget friendly prices to get folks the prints they need, at great quality, quickly.

Most of our prints run about 1-2 weeks from time of consultation/purchase to actual print and shipping, but usually they ship sooner. The entire process of printing a 3D print is usually about 10-20 days total including shipping time.

We offer custom consultation for free, and can evaluate any job before we take it to ensure that every knows what they are getting into. 

If you have any specific questions, just email us @ custom @, or check out the FAQs. We're happy to help!

Passionate about Minis & 3D printing!

Let us help you make something out of your STL or OBJ printables!
Don't have a printable asset? No problem, check out our Selected Artists for some of the ones we sell.
We love Minis and 3D prints

We have a serious passion for minis, and mini-figures of all shapes, sizes, scales, and themes. Whether you need a new piece for your DnD game, or a new army for your War Game, we can help get you started. Not only do we make minis and prints for players, we make them for ourselves too. 3D printing makes a lot of this easier, we love making things for our customers and we look forward to making something cool for you too!

From anywhere to us

If you have an STL/OBJ file and need it 3D printed or even just technical evaluation, we can help. We offer professional 3D supporting services, prototyping, and final casting of any custom project or file, regardless of where it came from. We work with files from Thangs, Cults3D, MMF and more. We can work with almost any STL/OBJ file, so the listed sites are not the only sources we can use.

We are creative at heart

We love painting, crafts and all the little fun things that come along with it. We do custom paint work, custom kit bashing, and a heck of a lot more, just email us and ask we might be able to put your project on our desk next! Email us today for more info on custom projects, painting and commission work. For details on our painting or custom work, reach out and let us evaluate on your next project.

Besides minis, here is some other stuff we can do for you.

Professional supports, hollowing, drain holes, preparing for slicing and more.
We're happy to evaluate any project at no up-front cost. Because we think 3D printing is supposed to be accessable and affordable.
Professional Support Work

Take the guess work out of 3D printed supports, we can hollow, create drain holes, and return the hollowed and pre-supported file ready to print. We have a 99% success ratio with our supporting system, and can even recommend resin and printer settings if you are doing the prints yourself. We will make sure and check for islands as well to ensure a smooth print.

Quality Control & Fine Tuning

If you have a 3D model and it has some issues either with topology or in some other way, we can help there too. In most cases we can repair the files for you, and then return the repaired file or print them in house for you. Either way we ensure the files are checked for quality so you get the best print and file back!

Prototype and Final Casting

Whether you are seeking to make the final casting of any 3D printed object or just prototyping we offer both services at a very budget friendly pricing scale. Prototyping typically starts off with a base number of prints, and then scales up depending on the number of final pieces to produce. Contact us today to see how we can help!


We get these a lot.

This is a hard question to answer without seeing the work you intend to create. To get a better idea of costs, send us a screen shot of the object or objects, and we will get back to you with an evaluation, that's a bit different than a quote, but it means without you handing us your precious files we can get you a ball-park idea of costs up-front.

Anything that you legally own, or have the right to print. All we ask is that you please don't steal from the creators out there. We love and support them, so you should too. We also reserve the right to deny anything requested that we find hateful, strange, illegal, or just bad 3D work. We can't print it if the file is bad.

We also carry a line of commercially licensed artist's sculpts in our "Selected Artists" section. Which we sell on Etsy.

We have a small MSLA/LCD print farm with resin printers that are running around the clock. All of our resins, printers and parts are made and supported by

We print all of our 3D printables by default on Anycubic DLP Craftsman, Standard+ or ABS+ resins. Bases and terrain are printed on ABS or Standard+, most figurines and miniatures will be printed on DLP Craftsman to ensure quality.

Upon request and additional charge(s) we can use these additional resins/colors:
A resin formula change requires 3-4 additional business days as we may or may not have all particular colors/types in stock.
See the pricing chart for changes in cost based on resin type.

Standard: Grey | Skin | Black
Standard+: Grey | Skin | Blue | Black
Tough: Grey
ABS-Like: Grey
DLP Craftsman: Light Grey | White | Black

When you are ready to place a custom job, you can send us an email with the details of the request. No payment will happen until we have confirmed with you the details of the job and scale. Once all details are confirmed we will send a PayPal invoice. Once the invoice is paid the order starts.

We no longer sell on Etsy, please email us with the model you want to order.

Yes. Currently we do sell a limited set of "Selected Artists" physical assets ONLY. Check out the "Selected Artists" menu. We are going to purchase additional commercial licenses for this section as we grow in order to provide a directory of minis, prints and figures for hobbyists and gamers at fair prices for the quality we can provide.

Otherwise, you as the customer must already own the personal or commercial rights to print the STL or OBJ file otherwise we cannot print it for you. In some cases we might request that you send us a screen capture of the license rights or digital purchase proof.

We use PayPal for all transactions. All refunds will be handled through PayPal as well.

If there is a dispute over a charge or delivery please email us as soon as possible, we want to correct it for you in any way that we can.

Our "base" rates

These are typical rates for our services. Keep in mind that each job is a custom quote and these prices are a starting point. While we try our best to keep costs low, we have to meet our requirements in order to take a job. Please keep in mind we don't own any rights to the prints we create unless they are listed in our "Selected Artists".

Particular items such as resin upgrades or tinted resin will increase costs. All of our prints are printed at .05 mm layers, and at 4K resolution or better, unless otherwise requested.

28 - 50 mm Mini/Print


Perfect for DnD or War Games

  • Professional Supporting
  • Cured and Cleaned+
  • Safely packed and shipped
  • Does not include Selected Artists printing
  • Bulk Pricing is available
  • DLP Craftsman Resin
  • 1-2 weeks time to ship**
50 - 100 mm Mini/Print


Great for the hobbying enthusiasts

  • Professional Supporting
  • Cured and Cleaned+
  • Safely packed and shipped
  • Does not include Selected Artists printing
  • Bulk Pricing is available
  • DLP Craftsman Resin
  • 1-2 weeks time to ship**
Custom or Big Mini/Print


Prototypes, Castings, and more.

  • Professional Supporting
  • Cured and Cleaned+
  • Safely packed and shipped
  • Professional Consultation
  • DLP Craftsman Resin
  • Does not include Selected Artists printing
  • 2-4 weeks or longer time to ship**

Resin Upgrades

Need something more than basic colors or our DLP Craftsman resin? Here is what we have available and the costs for each type of material. Keep in mind basic prints for minis and figures are made in DLP Craftsman Light Grey, but we can offer White, and Black colors as well. Alternatively we can use other materials including Standard resins. The charges are for color change only, not the resin.
Standard | Standard+ Colors

In our Standard/Standard+ line from Anycubic we offer Grey (default), Blue, Skin, and Black.

Color Charge: $0.10 per 5 ml

DLP Craftsman Colors

DLP Craftsman is our choice for quality, it is available in light Grey, White and Black.

Color Charge: $0.25 per 5 ml

ABS Like

ABS like resin is better for prototyping and some types of toy designs. Very rigid and tough.

Resin Charge: $0.50 per 5 ml


Mostly used for prototypes, and toys. This is great for manufacturing too.

Resin Charge: $1.50 per 5 ml

**Please note that prices listed exclude applicable sales tax and shipping which is calculated at the time of confirmation.

^Pricing above is for basis of example only and might increase based on our costs. Our pricing is based on time, materials used to create the print, and the complexity of the print/supports. All prints are made to order and can take up to 4 weeks to ship, please email us with any questions, or project specs and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Keep in mind, this also depends on our current back-log of prints, we handle each job in the order we get them.

+Cleaning is performed at our studio, we will remove supports, clean off excess resin, and allow the print 3-4 days to dry and weep any uncured resin internally before packing and shipping (if hollowed). We DO NOT clean every line, dimple, ridge or slight imperfection as we leave that to you to finish the piece before you paint and seal it. If the model has major flaws or defects we will re-print one for you.

Color changes would need to be noted before we start printing and charge you for the order. Once work has started on the actual print, a new print would need to be ordered, and the original will still be shipped even if you decide you want to change materials. Color charges would be calculated once we have the file and can evaulate the quote for the job you are requesting. If you are ordering a "Selected Artist" physical model please note that we use DLP Craftsman resins in colors as they are available and the purchased models may come in Light Grey, White or Black colors depending on available stock. All pieces will come un-painted and unfinished. If you specify a particular color please note there is a color charge for that regardless of resin type.

Ready to get started?

Go for it, we're listening!

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*Refunds can only be requested within 14 days via email or request via our website. Refunds are only available for custom print jobs. Small print jobs will be replaced with another print if the customer finds any defects or issues with delivered print.