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Exclusive 3D Prints

Naughty, odd, maybe a little extra strange...but amazing quality sculpts and new entries every month. Check out the collection from E3D.

Exclusive 3D Prints

High resolution files, and beautiful sculpts every time. From Comic book characters to classic cartoons, and comic strips. 

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How does the order process work?

Shoot us an email with the name of the mini and artist you are ordering. If the job is custom, please indicate that. We will respond in 24 hours.

Confirm with us what you are ordering, the scale and materials you want us to use. We will also confirm your address and location.

We will send an invoice with PayPal for the amount of the purchase excluding shipping costs. Those are calculated later.

We begin work on the files as soon as we have cleared payment with you. Usually a 1-4 day process. We email you when this is complete.

We print, cure and clean the file or file(s) purchased. This can take several days or up to 1-2 weeks. This can be longer for large scale projects.

We confirm shipping, recieve final shipping payment from you, then pack and ship the print(s). Once you have them, please confirm via email. can shop our new store

We have moved to for ecommerce ease of shopping and instant payment options. Please note not our entire catalog is available on our new store-front, so for now if you want to place an order for an item that is not listed there email us.

Exclusive 3D Prints

Please tell us which model you are looking to purchase and we will get back to you with details about it. All models are fan art inspired works of art and are hand-made one of a kind items. Each one is made to order, and not mass produced, therefore small defects, and little blemishes may be present on the parts. Please also note that all models are unpainted, unassembled, require finishing, and paint. The images are just for a reference guide for assembly and purchase.

Medium to Large Sized Figures available as NSFW and SFW
$90.00 - $125 + $10.00 Shipping fees. Payments will be made via PayPal once we send you the payment request.
Figures are between 13cm+ based on stature and position and are about 1/8 - 1/6 in scale.
The Baroness
GI Joe may not have been your thing, but this sexy lady sure should be. Check out the Baroness. Available as shown.
Tinkerbell - Stuck
The iconic Peter Pan fairy is here, but she is a bit stuck. Tinkerbell, who wants a little fairy? Available as shown.
Dark Alice
Dark, and twicted Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Complete with a Cheshire cat. Available as shown.
Snow White
Snow White, just as pretty, but with a little adjustment to the outfit. Available as shown.
So, Raven maybe should have had some help with this spell, but we like it all the same. Available as shown.
Aloy sure did grow up fast. In all directions. Seems like she might be in a bit of a bind. Available in medium or large sizes. Extra charge for the larger size.
The Portal Girl
The Cake might be a lie, but this is not. Portal guns never looks so interesting.
The Shepard
Who cares about the sheep, just don't tell Woody.
Jill Valentine
S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 1 and 3.
Black Cat (tub)
Black Cat from the classic comic series.
Rogue Classic X-Men
It's Rogue ya'll. Seriously who doesn't love this country lovely?
Black Cat
Black Cat from the classic comic series.
Betty Boop Pin-ups
Betty Boop from the classic comic-strip, only better!
Joker and Punchline
Joker from an alternate Samurai dimension.
Game of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen from Games of Thrones.
Black Cat Teacher SFW
Black Cat teaching you...things.
Ghost in the Shell
The Major from Ghost in the Shell.
Betty Boop Pin-ups (NSFW)
Betty Boop from the classic comic-strip, only better!
Black Cat NSFW
Black Cat from the classic comic series.
Black Cat Teacher NSFW
Black Cat teaching you...things.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane from Spiderman.
Velma and Gang
Velma, Scrappy and the Shag. All included with the complete edtion, ask us about pricing options.
Rogue Classic X-Men NSFW
It's Rogue ya'll. Seriously who doesn't love this country lovely.
The Evil Fae Queen (yeah we know who it is)
Yes, the evil one herself.

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Small print jobs will be replaced with another print if the customer finds any defects or issues with delivered print.